The Good Neighbor Next Door Program

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About Me

Rob Sipes


Hi, I'm Rob and I have been helping people buy and sell homes since 2003! I have lived in the Baltimore metro area my entire life and I mainly serve Baltimore and it's surrounding counties. I got into real estate because I enjoy working with people and I enjoy working for myself! I was 40 at the time and going off on my own felt risky and a little scary! Here it is all these years later and I'm glad I made the leap! I love what I do and the benefits and rewards are very satisfying! Practicing real estate not only allows me to use the particular skill set(s) necessary to do my job well, but it also affords me the deep satisfaction that comes from helping people realize their dreams! The smiles that I see at the settlement table say it all!!! It's not just a great feeling for me when that BIG day comes, but I also experience a great sense of accomplishment! After all, isn't that what being a Realtor is all about? RESULTS!!!  If YOU want RESULTS on  finding a Good Neighbor Next Door house that you can call HOME,  Click here to Signup.