The Good Neighbor Next Door Program

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Are you a Teacher,PoliceOfficer, Firefighter or an EMT?  I’m excited to tell you about a program that is absolutely unbelievable!  I mean, I had to pinch myself when I first learned of it 5 years ago! My first reaction was, “No way”, that’s nuts”, “There has to be a catch”!  Ready for this?  There is NO CATCH!!!

What if I told you that that HUD (department of Housing and Urban Development) has a program out there that would allow you to buy a home for 50% off list price ( that means instant equity), with only 100 dollars down!   Would you believe me?  My thought is, “probably not!”  And why would you? Who gives houses away right?................... Well… HUD does!  At least half a house!!!!  Joke   You’re probably still thinking, “What”???  No way”!!! “That’s crazy”!!! “Get out of here”!!!   Well, I don’t want to get out of here because I want to tell you more about this program and how you can take advantage of it and end up in a home of your very own!  “Ok”, you’re thinking!  “Sounds good, 50% off, 100 bucks down”!  “But Rob, you’re missing something”. “What about all those thousands of dollars for CLOSING COST”?  “Where is that coming from?  Who has thousands of dollars for that”?  Good question by the way!!   Or maybe you’re thinking, “I have thousands of dollars to cover closing cost, but it would deplete my savings and I really don’t want to do that”!!   “Thanks Rob, nice little story, but this is where ends”!   HOLD THE BOAT!!  This is my story and it’s not over!   What if I told you, that not only can you buy a home for 50% off list price with only 100 dollars down, but you can also roll all of you closing cost into your loan!  How’s that? Is that better?  You get to keep your money……or if you’re short on thousands, you don’t have to come up with it!!  Sounds awesome right? 

 “STOP”, you might be thinking!! “

“Ok. I get it, love what you’re saying Rob”!  “But what about the condition of these homes”? “What kind of shape are they in?”  That’s another great question.  After all, they are Hud homes and you may have heard that they aren’t always in the best of shape!!  But while that is usually true, it’s not always true! Some of these HUD homes can actually be move in ready with very little work needed!!   But let’s go back to the original question.  Let’s say you find a home that appeals to you and it isn’t move in ready and isn’t in the best of shape and you want to fix it up!  I don’t just mean want to fix it up, it needs fixing up!! What then?   Where does that money come from?  I’m thinking by now, you’re loving the 50% off list price, 100 Dollars down and the rolling of all closing cost into the loan!  Right?  “That’s right Rob and that’s great, but again; where are the thousands of dollars coming from that might be necessary to fix up these homes”? Again, great question and believe it or not, when you thought it couldn’t get even better, it does!!  The program also allows you to borrow funds to fix the home up just the way you want it and this too can be rolled into your loan!!  Pretty cool huh? 

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